Loewy House By Albert Frey — 1946 Classic Desert Modern Home

The Raymond Loewy House, 600 Panorama Road, Palm Springs, California

Raymond Loewy Industrial Designer

Designed by Palm Springs architect Albert Frey, built in 1946-47 as a bachelor retreat, and expanded later when Loewy got married… the house has been restored by metalware manufacturer Jim Gaudineer who said of the design, “When you slide open the glass walls, it’s almost like living outdoors.”

With the lights off and the pool, alone, illuminated by a powerful submerged lamp, “the scene resembles a blue lagoon in a desert oasis, ” Loewy once wrote.

Loewy’s home is a typical Palm Springs modernist villa with a low-slung pavilion and plenty of glass providing striking views of desert, mountains, and the pool and garden… making the private oasis complete.

Loewy despised “bad modern” design, especially furniture, so the size, shape, and rooms of the home and furnishings were kept simple and spare. It is a demure house of small size but generous impact.

The “Philippe Starck” of his day, Raymound Loewy — a frenchman turned American — was the go-to man for designing everything from the famous Coca-Cola Bottle, Air Force One’s paint scheme, Shell Oil’s logo and gas stations to locomotives and pencil sharpeners, as well as great automobile bodies such as the Studebaker Avanti.

Let’s Peek Inside Loewy’s Palm Springs Home Life

Classic Color Photos Of The Loewy House

The Loewy House Today

The Design World Of Raymond Loewy

Mr Loewy In His Design Office

Loewy Observing His Final Design For The Jet Age “Air Force One” Presidential Aircraft

Studebaker Avanti – Loewy’s Excellent But Ill-fated Design Attempt To Save The Failing Company

'53 Studebaker Commander hardtop coupe -- included in MOMA's top ten car designs

’53 Studebaker Commander hardtop coupe — included in MOMA’s top ten car designs


Loewy Standing On His Sleek Locomotive Design

Classic Loewy Locomotive Design Still In Use Today

One Of Loewy’s Famous Greyhound Bus Designs, “Scenicruiser”

Loewy’s Iconic Designs For Coca-Cola – The Bottle Shape & Logo Live On Today

Loewy Altered The Scheme Of Gas Station Designs For Shell To Mimic Houses

Loewy Designed Many Iconic Corporate Logos

Lucky Strike Red Dot Logo… That’s Loewy

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