Texas Guv Sues EPA: Uses “Climate-Gate” Emails As Excuse

If At First You Don’t Secede … Sue The EPA: Texas Guv Uses Climate-Gate Emails To Take On Feds | TPMMuckraker.

Having once lived in the intelligence-free zone of Texas, in particular its cowboy-zoned and chemically laden City of Houston, it’s certainly no surprise to learn that the Texan Guv wants to free his peeps from evil regulations designed to improve air quality and establish a sustainable society/planet. After all, Texas likes to do everything BIG! So, as currently they only contribute an astounding 35% of this nation’s greenhouse industrial gases… they want to do what’s right and make a much larger contribution! Yeh, I know, I found them to be a bit more than freakish, as well. Won’t they just secede, already?! As The Slatest remarked:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency to stop them from regulating the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. The suit centers on the so-called “Climate-Gate” e-mails”, which global warming skeptics have latched onto as evidence of a political agenda in the scientific community. Perry and a handful of other Texas officials trotted out the e-mails as evidence that EPA data were “tainted”—the agency relied on United Nations International Panel on Climate Change findings—and accused Obama of “using sweeping mandates and draconian punishments to force a square peg of their vision into the round hole of reality.” In a press conference on Tuesday, Perry said that the suit was meant to “defend Texas’ environmental successes against federal overreach” and described the EPA plan as a “big target on the backs of Texas energy producers.” (Perry and other Texas Republicans argue that federal environmental oversight could be ruinous to the state’s economy.) In response, EPA officials have pointed out that Texas produces up to 35 percent of the country’s industrial greenhouse gases. According to Talking Points Memo, Perry is facing a tough GOP primary and is under pressure to prove his conservative credentials and woo more right-wing voters.

Wow, it’s just so sad how parochial this mentality is within Texas and too much of the U.S. (like Virginia, which has filed a similar lawsuit). You know, I’ve said it before, and it remains true: A person may be intelligent; People are stupid. Lacking proper education (helloooo…check out U.S. scores in science, math, even literacy) and shunning a culture recognizing that no one lives in a vacuum and that a greater good must be served while we serve ourselves… then, we get a Texas and, well, a lot of Red States. Internationally, the affliction is known as The Ugly American.

Anyway, for a good explanation of why the first “Climate-Gate” email shows nothing nefarious, and why the second email, though perhaps improper, doesn’t come close to undermining the consensus behind Climate Change, go here.


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