Gore Testifies About Climate Legislation: Republicans Can Only Mock

Former Vice President Al Gore testified before key members of Congress on the new clean energy and climate legislation and the urgent need for the U.S. to invest in creating millions of green jobs to strengthen the economy. After Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) mocked global warming as being responsible for the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots’ poor season, Gore calmly said that he and other climate change deniers have just simply been receiving bad and misleading information (watch the clip below).

America can’t afford more of the same failed energy policy. We need to move quickly to invest in building a clean energy economy to create millions of jobs and strengthen our economy. And we need polluters – not taxpayers – to pay for their pollution.

Here’s the real deal:

  • If we Global Warming Warners are wrong, then… well, we’ve spent a boat load of money and developed a new economy. Oh! And, your kids and grandchildren will enjoy a cleaner planet for a healthier more enjoyable life. That’s not so bad : )
  • If you Deniers are wrong, then… well, you just killed the planet as you know it and condemned your children and grandchildren to life on a dead, crippled planet. That’s pretty bad  ;_(

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