Gun Control: Real Men Use Fists


2 responses to “Gun Control: Real Men Use Fists

  • Ashley Jones

    Hi 🙂
    I own a relatively new clothing/merch online store. I mostly just use my art & my company name & logo for my tshirts.
    I had a really nice concept in mind for my hometown here in Jacksonville, FL. There is so much senseless gun violence here in my town alone, as across our great country. I had a design idea, not like your anti-gun circle w/ slash thru it, but something entirely different. However, I named the tshirt design Real Men Use Fists. I have not printed any shirts yet, as I wanted to research who, if anyone, owned any Trademarks on the phrase or company name. With total respect, Im basically asking permission from you for the go ahead to print up my shirt design w/ that particular phrase. Would only be about 36 total. Our town really needs help. And I want to start by donating these to our Mayor’s events & sell at craft fairs locally & possibly on my online webstore.
    So, would you be o.k w/ me doing that?
    Ashley Jones
    Owner- Jaxsinville Sinwear

    • Coronare Modestus Faust

      I think that sounds like an excellent idea! I am not the designer or copyright holder for this street sign, so I can’t give any permissions. I don’t know who that would be. Just saw the sign and truly liked it. I wish you well on this project.

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