Catholic Church Sodomizes Health Care Reform!

Obviously the Senate will have to do some acrobatics to complete the health care reform effort, but the House will have to vote to pass a reform bill as well, and… turns out that’s where problems reside.

Catholic Church Goes to War Against Health Care Reform in Order to Save Little Slugs of Potential Life.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), a Democrat — yes, but a Catholic conservative who wants to make the sick pay the cost of his church-infused guilt — is threatening to scuttle the whole effort if his unreasonable demands on abortion restrictions are not met. This schmuck claims “at least 12” House members who voted for the first bill will switch their votes if the final bill includes the Senate’s abortion language.

The differences between the already-passed House and Senate bills must be reconciled; Democratic leaders’ apparent plan will require the House to pass the Senate bill, then use the budget reconciliation process to “fix” the Senate bill, before sending it President Obama later this month. However,House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) lost at least four votes, due to death, resignation, and a changed vote, bringing the whip count to 216 — a majority of 217 is needed.

Stupidhead… I mean, Stupak, his pro-birth allies, and a leading group of Catholic bishops who have been deeply involved in the health care fight, don’t want to piss off the Lord and falsely claim that the Senate bill will allow the use of taxpayer dollars for abortion and are demanding that the final bill include Stupiddick’s… I mean, Stupak’s provision. WTF! We’re held hostage by the damned Catholic Church? Their tax-exempt status needs to be rescinded.

This Pope-kowtowing, guilt-ridden, Catholic Eunuch’s bloc may be responsible for killing health care reform. Abortion language cannot be altered through the Senate’s budget reconciliation process (though, oh-so-enlightened Stupak doesn’t believe that to be true), meaning the final bill will look more like the Senate’s.

Ooh! No Teeth... You Must Worship the Lord Softly

The Catholic bishops “signaled” yesterday that they are willing to negotiate, saying “that if agreement is reached with House leaders on anti-abortion language, the church would work to get the votes needed to protect the provisions in the Senate,” even if it would require 60 votes. The Catholic bishops are, “willing to negotiate?” “Willing to negotiate!” That’s mighty sporting of them, except that they shouldn’t be involved at all. Besides, shouldn’t they be sodomizing young, cute, angelic boys?

Catholic clergy… if they’re not destroying a little boy’s life, they’ve got to destroy big boys and girl’s lives. Sadists!

Stupak is still not satisfied. “In the present form, the Senate health care bill is going nowhere in the House of Representatives,” Stupak threatened yesterday on the Fox Business Channel.


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