Torturing Democracy

Guantánamo and our national path to it: decline of American law and justice into pitiful and pathetic policies more associated with fascists and autocrats.

Picture the scene, opening of a James Bond 007 movie. Bond stealthily advancing through security guards and sensors to reach the holding cell of a a major industrialized democracy’s captured leader, politician, business mogul, or diplomat — the captors, some evil, pathological, value-bereft and undemocratic nation, like North Korea, China, the old Soviet Union, or even a Jihadist faction!

On what tour does Bond take us as he slips undetected deep into the Sanctum of Evil?

Hanging handcuffed people by their wrist,… their feet dangling in the air,… stripped naked,… with bags over their heads,… sleep deprived by loud music blasting in their cells and bright lights preventing sleep — extremes of hot sweating or freezing cold temperatures,… indefinitely detention without charges,… no trials,… sometimes kidnapping,… sent to secret prisons with no one knowing at all,… some prisoners sent to foreign jails where treatment is worse,… and coincident ‘suicides’ of those who know too much; Water-boarding just part of the abuses — all portending the malevolent, violent war about to be unleashed upon innocents!

Cue music… bring up erotic women on psychedelic background… roll titles… it begins…

The inner sanctum, unfortunately, is the reality created by our own country — held up as the model for democracy, ethics, liberty, civility, and morality for the entire world.

The scene is a hideous fact of our own deceit — all, just the tip of the iceberg where hundreds-of-thousands died in a war started with deliberately fabricated lies… and still no justice for all.

History does offer two principal lessons stemming from the deranged reality we allowed, as a people, to be created:

1. What one side does to another will be done back in revenge. We have created our future Terrorists. They are the youth who survived our war — traumatized and vengeful after seeing daddy torn from home, wearing pajamas, shackled, sightless with hooded head, and not to be seen again.. mommy’s head blown into his lap during dinner after an errant missile hits the neighborhood.

2. Sadistic behavior starts to spread throughout a society — like a ‘gateway drug,’ to other evils and then evil no longer limited to one’s initial enemy, but spread to a society’s own citizens. It’s in our own best interest to stop these polices and punish war crimes.


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