Pollution & Global Warming: The Most Important Question Is NOT Who Is Right! (#1 in Series)

In this constant and weary bickering over  who’s right — Deniers or Acceptors — about the reality of pollution and resultant global warming, I’m decidedly in the camp that pollution/global warming is a factual process for which we must take action.

But… I’ve also realized that the MOST important question is NOT who is right.

The MOST important question is… WHAT IF WE’RE (YOU’RE) WRONG?

Really, both partisan sides need to look at what worst outcome is likely if they are wrong. The truth of the matter for any person of sane mind is to avoid the worst outcome in any decision-making scenario. So, we just need to look at the two sides and ask, “What happens if we’re wrong?” “What happens if you’re wrong?” The answer with the most damaging and least recoverable is THE ONE TO AVOID.

It’s really that simple.

Now, the question is begged, what do those two wrong alternatives look like? What world do we leave behind for our children and families if Deniers (you) are wrong? What world do we leave behind if Acceptors (we) are wrong? The former saves (hordes) big bucks with which to do something, presumably invest in growing traditional industry within a “competition-consumer society.” The latter spends (wastes) a helluva lot of money on a non-problem, investing in and developing new technological industries in a “cooperation-quality society.”

The Following Two Posts (below) Show The Alternate Worlds Encountered By Our Children & Their Children If You’re Wrong (Deniers) Or If We’re Wrong (Acceptors).

Which reality is the most damaging and least recoverable… THE ONE TO AVOID?


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