Newt Gingrich Says Civil Rights Legislation ‘Destroyed’ Democrats and LBJ

Former Speaker of the House says health care reform will ruin Obama much like passing civil rights laws “shattered” Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic Party in the 60’s.

Wow! No, really, wow!

A college-history-teacher-turned-politician, who at one time unfortunately represented my district, former Republican House speaker Newt Gingrich said Obama and the Democrats will regret their decision to push for comprehensive reform. Calling the bill “the most radical social experiment . . . in modern times,” Gingrich said: “They will have destroyed their party much as Lyndon Johnson shattered the Democratic Party for 40 years with the enactment of civil rights legislation in the 1960s.”

Now, never mind that Democrats’ health care legislation is very similar to the alternative health care package proposed by the Republicans, with Newt in charge at the time, when the Clintons made a push for universal health care in the 90s.

One European, familiar with a civilized society, offered this thought to a discussion group:

The most radical social experiment of modern times?

Come to Europe and marvel at how every single fricking country here has health care.

It’s not radical. It’s standard.

To which a typical American retorted impressively:

Europe? Where IslamoCommunoFascists run free? No thanks, Fidel.

Idiot Nation, indeed. But, that’s why Gingrich, et. al., posit their egregious statements…


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