Biden’s F-Word Raises Money for Democrats

“This is a big fucking deal,” so whispered Vice President Biden, leaning in to his superior’s ear after introducing President Obama last week.

Biden intended the comment to be a private celebration before the president announced the landmark health care reform bill would become law, but a “boom” microphone picked it up — didn’t take long for Internet commentators to voice their opinions on the “gaffe.” I’ve always liked Biden; he’s confident enough to say what’s on his mind!

A short time later, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs wrote on his Twitter account: “And yes Mr. Vice President, you’re right … “

Now, Organizing for America, Obama’s political organization, is using Biden’s colorful metaphor to bring in extra cash for Democratic candidates.

“There are things that are a big deal—birthdays, anniversaries, the NCAA Championship game,” OFA wrote in a fundraising letter. “And then there are things that are a BFD, like delivering health insurance to 32 million Americans.” Donors to OFA, which was folded into the Democratic National Committee after Obama’s win in 2008, can receive a “Health Reform is a BFD” T-shirt.

President Obama’s political organization agrees with Vice President Joe Biden: “Health Reform is a BFD.”

OFA is using Biden’s now infamous phrase on a T-shirt to commemorate the signing of health care reform into law. Donors who give at least $25 will receive “a limited edition ‘Health Reform is a BFD’ T-shirt in a super-soft, fine jersey (men’s) or baby rib (women’s) cotton fabric,” according to a new fundraising page posted Wednesday on OFA’s Web site.

“Health reform is a huge and historic deal that will benefit American families and small businesses,” Brad Woodhouse, a DNC spokesman said. “We and our supporters agree with the vice president — health reform is a big bleeping deal.”

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