Survey Say’s…? Well, Look Closely!

A new USA Today/Gallup poll out this week showed that more Americans do not support the health care bill that is now law:

  • 50% of respondents said passing the bill was a “bad thing,”
  • while 47% said it was a “good thing.”

Well, seems cut and dry, then, that the country would prefer they were not guaranteed health insurance — that is until you look a bit deeper at the survey details NOT broadcast.

First, the margin of error in this survey is enough to make the comparison one of balanced 50/50 support or non-support.

Second — and most illuminating — is the fact that the survey only asked about whether one thought the new law “good” or bad,” while ignoring what THAT means.

For instance what if I were surveyed? I know that a Single-Payer model would be the most efficient and effective, and I also know that a Public Option would have forced the Private Insurance Industry to play by the spirit of the law… So, I might be inclined to say that the new health care law is “bad” since it contains neither of the options I know would make it better.

BUT… I still am thrilled the bill became law and know that it was the best that could be obtained given the political realities of confronting the obstructionist Party-Of-No!

OK, so here’s the deal: two other studies have shown that 13% of the country believe it is not the optimal plan (or is “bad”) yet… are pleased to see the new health care law enacted.

So… take the 13% away from the 50% within the USA Today/Gallup poll, and the results are actually:

  • 37% of Americans do not support the new health care law,
  • while 60% of Americans do support that we have at least the new health care law enacted,
  • with 13% of the nation preferring that the law would have included single-payer or Public Option.



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