Florida Doctor’s Sign Warns Away Obama Supporters

Florida doctor’s sign warns away Obama supporters – USATODAY.com.

The End of Civility in US?

After finishing reading an article about the rise of new radical “patriot” groups around the US since the presidency of Barack Obama, another article confronted me with another example of the uglier side of Americanism: a physician warning away his Obama-supporting patients.

I don’t truly care what is one’s political persuasion, it is time to behave civilly America! WTF is wrong with us as a nation?

The intellectually stunted, unsophisticated reactionary spasms of backwoods rednecks has spread infectiously into the realm of “mainstream” US society (what used to be “news” broadcasts, best-selling books, religious leaders, obviously even practicing physicians!).

This is acceptable? These are American values?

Count me out! I’m better than this group of people.

I certainly hope most Americans are better than these vicious elements, but I’m frankly very doubtful.

For instance, two weeks ago my nephew visited with his father for a week. One of the discussions turned to a political issue, and my 14 year-old nephew offered up a truly thoughtful response — one clearly resting in the realm of Liberalism and one he came to on his own without his uncle or father having fed him the “liberal line.”

I asked him if he ever discussed his thoughts like this one with schoolmates? Now, keep in mind that his school is an upper-class public school in Loveland, Ohio — an area and school system pretty much representing everything cherished as the “Good American Family,” you know… household incomes in the six-figures, at least one if not both parents at upper levels of corporate management or sales management, soccer-playing church-going braces-corrected-teeth smiling children… you know, “good.”

And, my nephew immediately responds, “No way. All the kids just believe what their parents believe; they hate Obama; they can only repeat what they hear from Fox news; and they would hate me if I said what I really thought.”

REALLY? This is what it’s come to in American-defining, mid-western, upper-middle-class families? So now, the folks with whom I attended public school and university are teaching their children to hate, to judge, to ostracize, to ignore the plight of the less privileged, to be disengaged from empathy and compassion of “the other”? OMG! What do the radical groups teach their children? And, what must those who consider themselves outside the system teach their children?

Seems to me that Americans better grow up, accept that we are no longer going to be the “biggest boy” on the world block, accept that now more than ever we need to work together as a people to steady ourselves, accept that we cannot survive as a nation of haves and have-nots, accept that in the immediate decades before us we will become a majority ethnic nation, accept that failing this understanding, this nation will become ever more violent, ever more torn, ever more declining in wealth and stability and civility. Do we really need another revolutionary war? No. But, it seems that is exactly where the nation is headed.

Right now, we as a nation are looking at the danger of armed freaks in the redneck woods, but we might be more worried about the dangers of the disenfranchised one day realizing that their condition is not going to get any better, that the bulk of society isn’t interested in helping to improve matters, that the system accords them no attention, and eventually, that “they” — the underclass — are far better armed and experienced with danger and physical risk than any soccer mom or manager daddy.

Time will tell how stupid is the average American, and if the nation chooses wrong, we will get what we deserve.

Turn off the hate, turn off the rhetoric, turn off the fear, turn off Fox, turn off arrogance, turn off any religion that blinds and support those that preach and teach peace and inclusion.

In a word, America… Grow-up!



4 responses to “Florida Doctor’s Sign Warns Away Obama Supporters

  • jonolan

    America is growing up. All the things you’ve cited show that we’re putting aside the dangerously childish ideas that the Liberals have tried to foist upon America.

  • spfaust

    Well, Jonolan, when threats and violence and uncivil behavior are considered mature, adult ideas and actions, the nation is in worse shape than I considered. The point isn’t whether one agrees with Liberals or conservatives. The point is that we should have a reasoned and civil debate (and strongly argued by both sides) that respects others’ views and, then, act democratically in accepting and validating the decisions. We can then move on to the next topic. This, what I propose, is an adult idea.. which has no relation to whether one is Liberal or conservative, as your statement implies. But thanks for the thought and comment.

  • jonolan

    If the government reflected the will of the People in their actions, you’d be pretty close to right insofar as how the debate should be handled. The government, as proven by the specific content of the ObamaCare legislation and the methodology used to pass it – along with the Liberals and their pet media’s mendacious vilification of dissent – proved that this is no longer the case.

    If the People’s voice is not listened to when it is “reasonable” then the People will rightfully and justifiably stop being “reasonable” and do what is necessary to protect their nation.

    • spfaust

      Were these accusations about Obama and Liberals accurate, I might be inclined to agree somewhat. However, what you’ve been informed, probably through Fox News, is not correct.

      First, you should know that the fundamental components of “Obamacare” are — much to my chagrin — market-based and originated from the republican proposal as an alternative during the conservative battle against the Clintons’ health care initiative in the 1990’s. Moreover, these principles were further fleshed out by Newt Gingrich’s organization after he resigned from Congress.

      Obama cleverly appropriated the main mechanisms for “Obamacare.”

      So, it’s rather interesting and revealing to see republicans denigrate the new health care reforms… but that is politics.

      Speaking of politics, then, my second point regards your supposition about the process by which these reforms were passed through Congress. Meant as no insult to you, but the only reason you believe the Democrats’ legislative efforts to be outside the realm of propriety and a violation of process is that you were told as much by the media — a tool of corporatist interests, not Liberal as asserted (check out who owns the media outlets).

      Truth of the matter is that parliamentary rules in any legislature appear odd or “wrong,” even though quite systematic and legal. This is the reason legislating a bill is called “the sausage factory,” as it is messy, convoluted, frustrating, and cumbersome. The ability to use these processes effectively is what makes a good legislator.

      Now, I would assume that you are an advocate of the “Patriot Act.” Frankly, I find this Act to be the greatest usurpation of citizens’ rights ever to occur in modern US history, but that’s not the point. The point is that the process used to pass “Obamacare” was the same process used to pass the “Patriot Act” — Reconciliation, a long-standing legislative process of the United States Senate intended to allow consideration of a contentious budget bill with debate limited to twenty hours under Senate Rules. Reconciliation also exists in the United States House of Representatives, but because the House regularly passes rules that constrain debate and amendment, the process has had a less significant impact on that body.

      Thus, NOTHING IS RADICAL about the contents of “Obamacare” or the means by which it was approved. The basic components of “Obamacare” are republican and free-market by origin. The process passing the bill is the same process used by republicans to pass other legislation, including the “Patriot Act.”

      As for the media’s “vilification of dissent,” well, take up your beef with the owners of the major media outlets. Your argument is with them, not with the government, especially the Obama Administration.

      I would strongly assert that, given these facts, “the People” have no right or legitimacy to “stop being ‘reasonable,'” nor is there anything new required to “protect their nation.”

      Remember, too, that Liberals and those like me who support the President and health care insurance reform are “the People” as well. We had our opportunity to dissent during what we perceive as the horrors of the Bush years, and now right-wingers have that same opportunity to dissent. The ability to mount such protests is called freedom… why would you rebel against it… unless what one means by freedom is imposing one personal definition and opinion upon the rest of society (not freedom but totalitarianism).

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