Obama’s 2010 Health Reform Plan Evokes 1993 Republican Bill

At the height of President Bill Clinton’s health care reform initiative, republicans proposed in 1993 an alternative bill. The bill, just like the Democratic version, never passed. But in concept, President Obama revived republicans’ ’93 health reform plan.

Today, we hear republicans’ feigned and plaintive wails of “Socialized medicine,” and “unconstitutionality.” Oh my!

Really? No, really? …’Cause seems to me that “Obamacare” actually saw birth as a republican idea!

In fact, the key provisions in the 1993 Republican bill should seem familiar, as they bear a strong resemblance to the provisions of recently enacted health reform.

♦A mandate that individuals buy insurance, ♦subsidies for the poor to buy insurance, ♦the requirement that insurers offer a standard benefits package, and ♦refrain from discriminating based on pre-existing conditions were all in the 1993 GOP bill, just as in “Obamacare.”

Former Republican Senator Durenberger believes the reason many of these ideas have been shunned by today’s Republicans, even called unconstitutional by some, is that political times have changed. “The main thing that’s changed is the definition of a Republican,” he said. Hum… changed to what definition? Oh yeh… that’s right: Party Of No.

Then as now, Republicans and conservative Democrats chipped away at the Clinton plan in 1993, while actually endorsing the President’s goal of universal health insurance coverage yet complaining that his proposal relied far too much on a complex Federal regulatory apparatus (well, what’s new here? …Same complaint about Obama).

How close are Obamacare and Republican’s Alternative Health Plan ’93? Very!

Damned! Don’t ‘cha just hate when facts ruin a perfectly good story? republicans hate it.



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