Militia Movement’s Armed Rally Ends Peacefully… With A Warning

Wow! Terrifying juxtaposition of sophisticated and primitive society against symbol of civil democracy.

Yesterday, “Restore the Constitution” held their armed rally in opposition to their [perceived but not actual] “loss of constitutional rights” during the Obama administration — even while the only loss has been an innocent belief that we lived in a modern and civilized society, that our citizens were not threatened from within by a regressive, delusional band of “Patriots.”

Among the armed protest speakers was former Alabama Minuteman leader Mike Vanderboegh, who has been denounced in recent weeks after calling for citizens to throw bricks through the windows of local Democratic party headquarters across the country. Several such incidents occurred after Vanderboegh issued his call.

Were this dude, Mr. Vanderboegh, black or latino, I suspect his ass would be sitting in jail, not speaking while armed at a protest rally.

Vanderboegh said the broken windows are a wake-up call that many people feel threatened by an expanding federal government. Frankly, armed redneck freaks and armed suburban-conservative “Patriot-Wannabes” are what threaten civilized American society!

“We are done backing up. Not one more inch,” Vanderboegh said to cheers, after telling the crowd that for too long Americans have acquiesced at the loss of liberty.

In an interview, Vanderboegh said he considers armed resistance justified only “when they send people to our doors and kill us.” Humm? Armed resistance only “when they… kill us.”

But he then suggested that an arrest at the hand of federal government is tantamount to a death sentence and that he would fight back in such a case.

“If I know I’m not going to get a fair trial in federal court … I at least have the right to an unfair gunfight,” Vanderboegh said.

After Vanderboegh’s speech, gun control advocate Martina Leinz confronted and called him a “small, little bully” and said the rally was designed to intimidate. Of course… these “Patriots” are American Terrorists.

Didn’t W. Bush give us an “Act” to neutralize such “Patriots,” or domestic terrorists?

American Freaks!



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