Alabama Teacher Uses Obama Assassination for Geometry Lesson!

An Alabama math teacher has been questioned by the Secret Service after taking the Grassy Knoll approach to geometry and using the assassination of President Obama as a way to teach his students about parallel lines and angles — yet one more example of the retrograde mentality of the South (but, let’s please admit that the characteristic infects huge swaths of the United States [oxymoron alert]).

“He was talking about angles and said, ‘If you’re in this building, you would need to take this angle to shoot the president,’ ” a senior at Corner High School told the Birmingham News.

After meeting with federal officials, authorities determined that the teacher was not a security threat and shuttered the investigation.

So far, the teacher has not been disciplined by the school. “We are going to have a long conversation with him about what’s appropriate,” the district superintendent told the Birmingham News.

“It was extremely poor judgment on his part, and a poor choice of words.”

Poor judgement? Poor choice of words?

No, sorry, the issue goes much deeper than these lightweight descriptors.

  • Poor judgement is staying out too late.
  • Poor judgement is having just a bit too much alcohol to drink.
  • Poor choice of words is saying “no” to your parents, when a better choice of words is, “I understand but here’s a thought….”
  • Poor choice of words is stating that George W. Bush “won” the presidency, when he was actually “appointed” to the presidency by a conservative Supreme Court.

No, this situation is another racist outburst against our President by right wingnuts in the same vein as their protests to the President’s video conferencing to public schools across the nation at the start of his term.

It is indoctrination of racist and fascist values within developing youth.

It is a small but very powerful and pernicious tactic being used across the nation to instill racial and political hatred against our President and is aimed squarely at dividing the nation.

It is one more example of why we may just need to break up the Union into two, as reconciliation and negotiation with the Neanderthal mentality this teacher’s lesson represents is utterly impossible.

How many times I “hoped” that “something” might happen to “W” I can’t recall, but I do know that I NEVER stated such in public and especially to children. Moreover, a huge gulf exists between what one might hope for in a frustrated, dreamy like state and outright teaching/advocating the assassination of a sitting president.

The danger to this teacher’s (and many if not most tea bagger’s) approach is the normalcy under which it is delivered. It’s not whispered in a corner to a kid, cuing the student that the thought is illicit. It’s not saying something regrettable during a fit of rage, anger, or disappointment and later apologizing. No, it is speaking about the most violent means to political change in a calm manner in an everyday situation with no cue to the learning mind (and the obtuse minds of tea baggers) that the comment or suggestion is inappropriate.

Would a school system’s and the secret service’s actions have been the same were this identical situation to have occurred during the Bush administration, with a black schoolteacher, to inner-city black students, in Chicago? Hell no! But, in good ol’ redneck Alabama (could have also been Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Arizona, Colorado…) it’s simply poor judgement in choosing words!



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