Georgia Teacher Reenacts KKK – Surprised “Some” Offended

Catherine Ariemma never intended for students to be offended by the sight of four Ku Klux Klansmen at Lumpkin County High School, but that’s how senior Cody Rider said he felt last Thursday when he looked up and saw the students — dressed in white hoods and sheets — walking through the school cafeteria.

Oh my… offense, why? Who would have known? Gasp!

Cody Rider told CBS News that, “students approached [my cousin] and asked if they can re-enact the lynching of him for their class project.” “I was outraged,” the 18-year-old mixed-race student told the AJC Monday night. “I was mad, so I started walking to them,” intent to fight. A coach, Josh Chatham, intervened by grabbing Rider by the arm.

Ariemma, a six-year veteran with the Lumpkin County school system, said the students, who were working on a film project for her advanced placement U.S. history class, meant no harm. She admitted that she may have made a mistake by letting the students film the Klan reenactment on campus.

I feel terrible that I have students who feel threatened because of something from my class,” Ariemma told the AJC. [Yeah, something… but God only knows what, right?] “In hindsight, I wouldn’t have had them film that part at school.”

I am always offended by the passive-aggressive apologies offered in America by politicians, officials, and adults in general. For a conservative society that screams about accepting responsibility, this nation seems to avoid it at all costs. Offenders / apologizers NEVER apologize for their behavior… only that someone took offense.

Do you get it? Most Americans seem incapable of understanding linguistics, what is really being said with the chosen words.

Here, the teacher is sorry THAT she has students who felt threatened

NOT sorry that she thoughtlessly and carelessly threatened and offended students!

But the damage IS done.

Even so, Ariemma stated quite clearly that she continues to stand behind the video project and the lesson it was to convey to her students.


Well, let’s go to a predominantly Jewish school and parade students through the lunchroom in Nazi SS uniforms to film reenactment of concentration camp slaughterhouses. Would you still feel the same, Ariemma, when the students JOINED by the faculty justifiably beat the shit out of you and your students?

In American classrooms, no better way apparently exists to educate than to reenact how to cook up crispy Jews and tenderized Negroes.

Ariemma is placed on paid suspension pending investigation.


These are ALL the online reactions from Slate online:

Bad / uneducated / typically “American”-

  • Great teachers always find the edge in order to enlighten and push beyond. Being uncomfortable is just part of the process [Yesss, but idiot, it’s supposed to be people like you made uncomfortable, not those whose families experienced the torture]. Definitely a teachable moment lost on the Principle and Board in pursuit of PC.
  • …seems that the problem was not students dressing up in her class but those students wearing the hoods outside of the class… it’s definitely a teachable moment. In any case, blaming a teacher for the “sins” of a community is scapegoating, a common ploy for educational bureacrats, whose battle cry seems to be “CYA at all costs.”
  • Seems like a perfect “teachable moment” for the entire school that will, unfortunately be reduced to outraged cries of, “How dare an educator make us uncomfortable?”
  • It’s not a lapse in judgment, it’s a lapse in political correctnesswhich probably should be rewarded. How can you shoot a historical video on racism in the south without featuring the klan?
  • the teacher did nothing wrong. the school is over reacting as tyipical in this hyper touchy environment [Wow! Seems like you may have skipped a few classes in writing, dude!].
  • But… what’s the problem with allowing students to dress up as Klansmen for a video assignment on the history of America? Like it or not, the Klan is part of our history, and part of our present. Should Ms. Ariemma present only SELECTED portions of American history? Perhaps only those parts we don’t find offensive to our sensibilities? She did her job.

Good / thoughtful / reasonable-

  • There are better, more sensitive ways to teach these things. Perhaps the teacher should be made to pick cotton [YES!].

Best / intelligent / insightful-

  • Why on earth do we even need another video of the horrors that the KKK has perpetuated?? It’s part of our history, yes, but a very dark, hateful, shameful part of it. Shall we then dress up as Nazis and pretend to gas a bunch of Jewish children? Should we separate the African American children in our classrooms by their appearance and let them pretend to massacre one another? There are more than enough historical films of these crimes against humanity–we don’t need another one made by children [Tell it!]. There are many other creative ways to teach them. I’m all for teaching people things in a way that takes people out of their comfort zone–makes them think and question their beliefs and prejudices–but the people who need to be made uncomfortable, who need to be questioning their beliefs and prejudices, are the white kids who were dressed up as klansmen–not the African American children whose parents and grandparents were the victims of the real klan.


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