JANUARY 2010… The U.S. “Supreme” Court ruled that Corporations may spend unlimited dollars in OUR election campaigns.


Boycott Target-Save Democracy

  • In January, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations can spend unlimited $$ in our elections.
  • In July, Target gave $150,000 to the anti-gay, anti-worker candidate for Gov. of MN.
  • Last week, more than a quarter million people pledged to boycott Target, and the numbers are still growing.
  • Last weekend, on August 14th, Target customers fed up with Target’s shameless attempt to buy an election in Minnesota took their message straight to their local store—but with a great creative twist!

This video is spreading fast with nearly 700,000 views on YouTube so far. Check it out:

Target and Best Buy have donated over $250,000 to a political committee supporting a rabidly anti-equality candidate for Governor of Minnesota, where both are headquartered – a man with ties to a Christian rock band that advocates violence and death to gays.

The news is all the more shocking because both of these companies have long records of providing fair and equitable workplaces.

—-Learn more—Take Action—Sign the Petition—-

The retail company Target provided over $150,000 to buy ads supporting the far-right Republican candidate for governor in Minnesota.

That’s bad enough. But the stakes are much higher than one candidate and one company.

If we don’t push back hard, this will just be the tip of the iceberg. Other corporations will learn that they can pour money into elections to buy the outcome they want.

So we’re sending a message to Target’s CEO that we won’t shop there if Target continues spending money on elections.

Best Buy… we’re coming for you… next.



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