Scarier Scariest Jobs Chart Ever… Just Got More Scarier!

My June 5th 2010 blog entry titled, “Scariest Jobs Chart Ever… Just Got Scarier!” needs revision…

Scariest Jobs Chart Ever that grew “scarier” has now grown “more scarier… er!”

Now, here’s the Scarierest Jobs Chart Ever:

That red line — representing the trajectory of our employment recovery — has now clearly taken a sharp line back down, after (for awhile) curving back higher. Ugly.

My blog entry for that June 5th chart forewarned:

The dotted line excludes Census hiring. The two lines will rejoin later this year when those hired for the Census finish the project. While we still have a “rebound” (using the term very, very loosely) including Census hiring, we’re already flattening out on the dotted line. This is a shape not seen on other past recessions’ lines — suggesting that the employment decline is extremely deep and the recovery quite shallow.

Well, guess what? The solid “current recession” line has rejoined the dotted “prediction line” of unemployment excluding those hired for the Census. Now that the census is complete, percentage of jobs lost relative to peak employment has increased to its original trend line. Amazing how that works!

Now that…

  • the stimulus funds that saved us from Depression have largely run their course,
  • the housing market has crashed again as the home purchase credit program ended,
  • banks still won’t sufficiently loan to spark small businesses and…
  • congress (republicans) won’t pass a small business stimulus package,
  • and the Federal Reserve fears appearing panicked with significant action…

…I would say that we had better:

  • start ignoring the tea-baggers and republicans…
  • and start addressing another stimulus program combined with temporary, quasi-nationalization of major financial institutions…

…in order to:

  • restart the economic momentum (second stimulus) and then…
  • keep it rolling (rules requiring certain loan-making from quasi-nationalized banks).

This solution will not happen, though, because Americans will not look outside of brainwashing ideology and toward innovative solutions.

So, I go back to my earlier blog post about a coming second Depression and say,

America, you had a chance. Now see if you can house, feed, and educate your family on ideology. When you’ve learned that you cannot, perhaps then you will stop thinking ideologically and start acting like modern, thoughtful, progressive citizens.


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