Conversation With A Tea Partier

Words Have Actual Meanings!

A Tea Party Patriot tries to explain how our freedoms are in jeopardy.

VOTE as if your very Freedoms depend upon it and are threatened!

Because American Freedoms are threatened… by Ignorance and Basic American Apathy.


You know, all kidding aside, the danger from the Tea Party and Tea Baggers themselves… comes not from the fact that they have a different opinion than I and other progressives (Who cares? Diversity of opinion is valuable and fun)

  • The threat to American Freedoms is the very lack of inquisitiveness (I know… big word for most) in the Tea Bagger character and the seemingly absolute disregard for fact-based thought.*
  • The threat of the Tea Bagging movement is the validation of ignorance as a character-builder.*
  • The threat of Tea Partying is “lack-of-knowledge” as a point of American Pride.*

The rather large number of serious conversations I have had with Tea Baggers and Libertarians who spoke, advocated, and debated much like this political cartoon is nothing short of profoundly shocking.

And the sad thing is… it’s generally my generation that seems most enmeshed in the movement and its emotional appeal. I know we were taught to think better than this… I know because I was there with them… learning to think, not just to react and parrot back a party line. What the hell happened to us?

We will be the generation that fails the nation and the youth. Sad.

* Yes, I would say I can be labeled a Proud Member of the Intellectual Elite


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