Arkansas School Board Member To Young “Faggots:” DIE!

Disgusting American Educator Resigns After Gay & Supporting Community Pressure

Arkansas school board member Clint McCance, who unleashed a shocking anti-gay tirade on Facebook in response to last week’s Spirit Day, has announced he will resign.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) broke the news on Facebook of McCance’s horrific comments – including his suggestion that gays should commit suicide – and launched a huge rapid-response campaign to demand his resignation.

My conservative friends — of course, I have them… if they tolerate me, I tolerate them : ) — often ask why I am so anti-“traditional values”  and so anti-Tea Bagger. Well… the reason can’t get much more clear than this example:

  • McCance’s stance is revolting enough (so un-Christian, and I bet he worships “his” Lord every Sunday)…
  • but the fact that he felt empowered to advocate self-inflicted death on tortured youth is sick, sickening, and disgusting.
  • His is the mentality that I fear endangers all our freedoms…
  • his is the mentality I hear too much from Tea Party faithful through fear-based and destructive rhetoric.

Thank whatever-god for HRC’s decisive action, along with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, for taking action and forcing out of his job this EVIL CRETIN called Clint McCance.

Here’s part of the full-page ad/notice HRC printed in Arkansas publications:


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