Look Who’s Talking… and Voting!

The state of America and self-described Americans seem to some of us as sad. Seems lately that myopic, ill-informed, and yes, rather unsophisticated haters lurk on every corner.

They’re voting! Here’s an introduction:

Some of these are citizens I truly like or love as friends and family.

But, it must be said:

  • a lack of intellectual curiosity for due diligence and deep, thoughtful reasoning…
  • seem to have combined with personal fear and deep-seeded personal insecurity…
  • cloaked behind bombastic and unearned hubris
  • — opening a vulnerability to leadership by political Lotharios, a manipulative power elite…
  • who play a panpipe of mesmerizing vitriol so as to unleash the masses’ fearful baser instincts of destructiveness to “the others.”

Would that he tried, it would take Mr. Obama almost a lifetime to right the wrongs of this world, if he could do it at all.

The world is too full of foolish, self-haters who can not, for their very lives, see beyond the end of their own perceived self-interests — the interests actually of the Koch brothers and family that Libertarians and Tea Partiers gleefully swallow as their own.

Not familiar with the Koch family? How sad indeed — but you could prove my assertions wrong by completing due diligence on their interests and agenda… and see that they have funded your little Tea Party to advance their personal priorities and interests, not yours, nor the nation’s.

Now, while the Koch’s and friends have stirred many Americans’ ire that a Nigger (shhhhh!) could ever become a legitimate President of the United States of America… I really don’t think color is their big issue — it simply works effectively to stimulate and motivate your baser prejudices.

No, no indeed… What terrifies them is that they think Obama is liberal, and a liberal president might mean that the very rich and powerful few will no longer be in charge of the government itself. They won’t always get their way, might end up having to pay a more fair tax rate and — this one really hurts — might have to follow rules, as if they were common citizens, like you. They’ve enjoyed their god-like status, and are furious about losing it.

And, before you thoughtlessly assign me to the realms of a stereotyped unsuccessful person jealous of others’ success… consider that at 27 years old, I earned an income greater than 97% of Americans… and to this day, twenty-one years later, still bring in an income from various sources equivalent to more than 95% of Americans. It’s comfortable here.

Having pointed out this fact, the more important one is that the power elite leading Tea Partiers by the nose sit within the top 1/4 of one percent of the nation’s income earners. The distance between me and them is huge… The distance between most of you and them is… insurmountable! And they don’t want to share a dime to help you make your own life better.

Stressed and overworked, desperate for any work (!), just short of a world-class education but literate enough to read propaganda, and convinced unrealistically that you can become them… ah! now that’s where they want you. Easily manipulated prey.

Snap out of it!


If you had any doubts about heading to the polls, this video should help get rid of them.

And if you have any friends or family who you think might not show up to vote, please send them the video to remind them why staying home is simply not an option.



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