So What Has Obama Done About Jobs, Anyway?

No doubt, as recent Faustian urGe posts have delineated, America is on a far slower path to recovery than anyone originally predicted or would desire.

Moreover, the United States is in such a sorry condition that perhaps a decade passes until we regain our footing.

Despite this horrid reality check, the statistics cloak a glimmer of hope that republicans would prefer you didn’t know:

  • More private sector jobs have been created this year than during the entire Bush administration.
  • Read that again: 2010 has had more private job creation than during the entire 8 year tenure of George W. Bush.

Hey, babes! That’s private sector jobs created by the hated Stimulus Bill!

I guess “Socialist” policies do work! (shhh… don’t let the uninformed know Obama’s not a socialist… and the stimulus isn’t “socialistic”… I just love watching them get themselves all in a knot)

Oh, one more thing:


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