Wisconsin Governor Unswayed; Seeks Destruction of Collective Bargaining

Lessons learned engaging a Facebook-ing Tea Partier in dialog about Wisconsin, watching a Lying Republican Governor, and considering the American ability to reason deeply (or not) and accurately (or…)

With Wisconsin’s Democratic senators still out of state and tens of thousands of demonstrators converging on the muddy grounds of the statehouse, Gov. Scott Walker Saturday refused to compromise with Democrats, rejecting their offer to accept benefits cuts in exchange for retaining their right to bargain collectively.

Though it’s been a failed attempt each time, I keep trying to intelligently engage certain of my conservative/Tea Party friends and schoolmates with whom I’ve reconnected on facebook. The current issue of Public Employee Unions presented the most recent opportunity.

I had written on the facebook page of a friend originating the post: “Why the Wisconsin labor bill is a big deal:”

Obama is correct, “seems like more of an assault on unions.” Labor unions need to be more flexible negotiators than in the past, but unions are necessary to balance power for negotiations.

I ended my blurb with an effort to lend perspective:

Interesting how the nations in the ascendant (China, India) are pro-union, and those nations in the descendent (like the U.S.) are destroying the union structure.

My old school chum, the original poster, agreed.

A Tea Partier with whom we attended high school chimed in, though:

Asking to sacrifice with the rest of us isn’t destroying the union structure, it’s no surprise that’s the narrative that is being played.

Well, I think I used clear english language words when I said that, “unions need to be more flexible than in the past.” Yep… that’s pretty clear and uncontroversial.

But, with Obama and other liberals, I’m the one creating a (implied) false or inaccurate narrative to the story — as if we should believe that this matter is really only about obtaining wage and benefits concessions? No, I’m the one intelligent enough to know and call out the real situation. So, I thought I’d just clarify the real narrative when I wrote:

…the danger here is that the governor’s effort is just one that most Republican governor’s have planned for their states, so the aim is not genuine negotiations… the aim is obliteration of unions and the good that they can and have done

And then, it hit… the blistering ignorance of Tea Partiers on the attack!

Come on man this isn’t 1932. I have worked for non union business my whole life big and small, not once have I ever felt trampled upon, my rights abused…

Millions of union dues money going to Democrat elections and corrupt leadership perks is the main reason pensions and healthcare for union members are UNFUNDED…

Union federal [and state] employees work for us TAXPAYERS, we don’t work for them!

Wow! See this is the thing about most conservatives in general and Tea Partiers in particular: they lack the ability to experience the world outside of themselves.

This dude has, “not once.. ever felt trampled upon, my rights abused.” Well, that’s it then isn’t it? Hasn’t happened to HIM, so it hasn’t happened to ANYONE! Or at least no one he gives a hoot about, which is pretty much confined to the singular conservative or Tea Partier.

The Tea-Partying American characteristic is a sociopathy, an inability to see past one’s self and one’s own experiences. It is lack of empathy and lack of compassion for any outside of the self. It is sickness. It is ignorance.

And then the Wisconsin Governor lays down his hand, and the game becomes clear.

And… WOW!… The game is the one I had identified!

Gov. Scott Walker Saturday refused to compromise with Democrats, rejecting their offer to accept benefits cuts in exchange for retaining their right to bargain collectively.

See, NO GENUINE NEGOTIATIONS! Thus, proving why the individual needs the strength of common effort through UNIONS!

The effort is not to address the state budget. The effort is to destroy public employee unions, to reduce the individual to hapless, de-empowered, impotent entity against a monolithic state.

And now there’s signs that the battle is spreading out to many states where Republicans made gains last November: Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, Maine and Pennsylvania are all looking at introducing similar destructive legislation.

Someday, these hard-working citizens will revolt against the malicious harm Republicans and Tea Partiers are causing… and they might kick some ass… well, let’s hope they do so.

But for now, I should just end with my closing facebook comment:

Fair enough. We see the world differently, and likely have experienced it differently. I remain steadfast in my values, and I would expect you will do the same. So, let’s shake hands and let this one be for now.


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