Wallypower118 — Jet-Powered Modernist Yachting

The Wallypower118 — a $33 million motor yacht — sounds like a jet aircraft as its triple gas turbines power up. It’s shark-like, sleek profile reminds of something straight out of James Bond 007.

This sophisticated, powerhouse cruiser utilizes three DDC TF50s (maritime cousins of the Chinook helicopter engine) driving three KaMeWa waterjets with a total of 20,000 hp for high speed cruising and two diesel engines for everything else — a common arrangement on small warships, but rare on yachts.

The turbine engines and waterjet propulsion bring the yacht up to a top speed of 90 knots — or, in excess of 100 miles per hour! Cruising speed at distance is still extraordinary at 60 knots, or 70 miles per hour.

The irresponsible downside: 3500 liters of fuel per hour.

The 118 is made entirely from lightweight carbon fibre — even the toilet seat and the dining table are made out of carbon fibre.

Wallypower118’s technology is integrated within its design, concealing the highly engineered functionality of the yacht. Almost every function is perfectly hidden to enhance the pure lines of minimalism, becoming visible only when needed. In this vein, the dining table lowers into the floor completely opening the dining space for other functions. Doors open and close electronically. The tender is masterfully hidden below deck and is stealthily revealed as the deck automatically rises and lift activates to retrieve, extend, and lower the tender into the water below.

Stylish minimalism dominates the design theme further, as the main cabin remains spaciously open throughout to provide the impression of a New York City loft. The yacht accommodates six guests in three en suite staterooms, as well as six crew with separate quarters. And, the kitchen is an exercise in engineered stainless steel purity.

A more conventional engine option exists for Wallypower, as well: twin 3,650-hp MTU 4000 V16 diesels, which Bassani claims will give the boat a 45-knot top speed and around a 40-knot cruise speed. Go for these engines alone, minus the gas turbines, and you’ ll also save about $8 million off the asking price.

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