Free-Markets In US Health Care — Part II, EPIC FAIL

  • America spends $7,290 per capita on health care, far more than other countries. -OECD

  • The US spent $2.4 trillion for health care, 2008, about the same as spent for food, clothing, and national defense combined. -Business Roundtable
  • Health care premiums increased 10.6% per year, 2000 – 2007. Concurrent overall inflation averaged merely 2.8%. -Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation
  • 41% of U.S. adults have unpaid medical bills and difficulty making payments. -Commonwwealth Fund
  • 25% of US citizens fail to fill their prescriptions because they can’t afford the cost (leading to sub-optimal treatment and reduced health outcomes, larger future care costs, and decreased worker productivity). -The American Prospect, Inc.
  • Health care spending exceeds the combined profitability of every corporation in America. -Business Roundtable
  • The bottom-line cost of America’s free-market health care system over “socialist” France? An 87% higher infant mortality rate! -CIA World Factbook
  • 30,000 US babies die each year, leading to the highest infant mortality rates of all industrialized nations. (Why do conservatives fight abortion access when we let babies just die anyway?) -HealthPAC
  • Abortions are free in UK; they cost more than $600 in the US. -Planned Parenthood
  • Think free abortions degrade the sanctity of life? Wrong! Brits have 18.2 and Yanks have 19.4 abortions per every 1000 women of child-bearing-age. -UK Dept. of Health
  • US children are three times more likely to be prescribed antidepressants than European children. (Why wouldn’t it be this way: European youth know they’re part of a society in which all benefit; US youth know that only their parents give a damn about them, certainly not the society in which they live.) -Science Daily
  • More than 25% of US children have cavities and tooth decay. -Commonwealth Fund
  • Brits have 1/3 the rate of diabetes under their nationalized health system. -OECD
  • Think having a national health insurance system drives away doctors? Greece has twice the ratio of doctors per capita than the US. -OECD
  • Think government programs are inefficient? Operating expenses: For-profit insurance – 26%; Not-for-profit insurance – 16%; Medicare – 3% -Journal of American Medicine
  • Free-markets mean expense and resource control, right? Wrong! Compared to the US, Rx drug spending is one-third less in the other industrialized nations, and the disparity is growing. -CBO
  • Health care cost per employee is expected to be $28,000 by 2019 or three times as now. The free-market can’t afford these carrying costs (Either the US adopts a form of national health insurance provision or health care access will be a privilege of the elite [NOT you!] — like third-world nations). -Business Roundtable
  • Think working hard and a full-time job provide the path to health insurance? Wrong! 45% of the uninsured are full-time employees. -Business Roundtable

2 responses to “Free-Markets In US Health Care — Part II, EPIC FAIL

  • albfrankli

    Great article. We need to get the word out in language that reaches people.

    US infant mortality; highest in the developed world.
    National health care systems save infant lives.
    Really Pro-Life? Support Obama-Care!

    Please check out the blog where we’re encouraging everyone to participate in packaging the progressive program so it reaches voters. Thanks urGe for supplying facts that we can wordsmith to slogans.

  • Coronare Modestus Faust

    Just visited your blogsite — — and it looks like a great start to helping creating a soundbite dialog that may resonate with the public. Best of success!

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