Republican Plan To Send Middle-Class America To The Poor House


House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) unveiled the Republican budget plan he’s spitefully named, “Path to Prosperity” — a plan to “privatize Medicare for future retirees, cut spending on Medicaid and other domestic programs, and offer sharply lower tax rates to corporations and the wealthy.”

Right-wing savants from corporatized media instantly shouted acclaim for the plan:

  • Erick Erickson, a CNN contributor, blessed the “Gospel” of Paul Ryan as a “solid proposal of solid reform.”
  • New York Times columnist David Brooks characteristically admires Ryan’s “courageous” “leadership” that “will set the standard of seriousness.”
  • James Pethokoukis, a Reuters columnist, thinks this plan to disadvantage average citizens is the “most important and necessary piece of economic legislation since President Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts in 1981.”

Here’s the kicker for all of you who voted for your own demise by voting for Republicans and Tea Partiers…

Ryan’s plan doesn’t require the wealthiest Americans or the country’s corporate elite to make any sacrifice.

Nope! Instead, the heavy lifting of deficit and debt reduction rests firmly on the middle class, seniors, and — in Ryan’s own terms — a “shrunken public sector.

“The GOP’s budget breaks the fundamental promise of this country: That if you work hard and play by the rules, you can take care of your family and retire with dignity and peace of mind,” Health Care For America Now’s Melinda Gibson says.

Analysis by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities found that the budget plan “would get about two-thirds of its more than $4 trillion in budget cuts over 10 years from programs that serve people of limited means,” — well, guess what America, that is most of you.

What’s up with America’s Middle-Class Psychosis?

I mean, there’s got to be something about why American citizens continue to elect conservative/republican/libertarian representatives that directly sow the seeds of the average citizens’ demise. Is it an insanity that leads one to repeat the same self-destructive action again and again with expectation for a different result?

The Middle-Class Are As Fixated Upon Improbable Escapes As Poor & Working Class

No. I don’t think this is so.

What I do think is that Middle-Class Americans — the backbone of a strong society/democracy — remain fixated on an out-moded ideology in hopes of escape from their current, degrading economic situation.

I think that the average, middle-class American is as naively hopeful of salvation as the poor and working-class of this nation have long been. And, now each person belonging to one of these sub-groups expects that they — individually — will escape by improbable-and-fantastical means:

  • Winning the Lottery
  • Becoming the next Super-Star Athlete
  • Rising up in an American Dream, rewarded by Free-Markets

Well, yes, all the time, someone wins the lottery. Some one in New York just won more than $300 million in the lottery! So, you see it can happen!

Yep… but likely not you and certainly not to most.

Well, yes, all the time, someone is from the hood signing a new multi-million dollar contract to play sports and endorse products! So, you see it can happen!

Yep… but likely not you and certainly not for most.

Well, yes, all the time, someone is creating a Microsoft, Google, eBay, Amazon, Tesla Motors… and becoming the next billionaire! So you see it can happen!

Yep… but likely not you and certainly not for most.

The point is that when reality has one trapped, the mind looks for hopeful escapes to avoid depression. And frankly, this is a good mind game. But… BUT… it’s vital to know that it’s a survival mechanism of delusion that serves an immediate function while it is dysfunctional for a continuing existence.

My point, then, is that middle-class citizens need to wake up from the false impression that simply following the American Dream of an education and hard work will automatically lead to success… wake up from the false impression that they are are the next “one” likely to be the founder of the next great idea… because they are not!

The average person is just that: average. What must be sought is a path to ensure that the average American that chooses to work hard at an honest job has increasing rewards and a viable economic future.

Republicans and conservatives are not offering that viable economic future to average Americans, and so… YOU — AVERAGE MIDDLE-CLASS AMERICAN — YOU NEED TO START VOTING IN YOUR OWN INTERESTS AND VOTING OUT REPUBLICANS, TEA PARTIERS, AND OTHER CONSERVATIVES. It is your only sane and viable route to an economically sufficient life.

But, we’ll have to see how far down you must fall before coming to this truthful realization.

Good Day and Good Luck

Rich Man/Poor Man - Behold America's Future State


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