We Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming: China’s Urban Boom — (Part 13) Building A Century in Fifteen Years


Tianjin, China — With a population of approaching 14 million, Tianjin is a metropolis in North China along the coast of the Bohai Gulf and maintains an annual economic growth rate of about 15%. Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone is the largest free trade zone in northern China, and 285 Fortune Global 500 companies have established branch offices and investments in Tianjin, as it is a base of China’s advanced industry, financial reform, and innovation. The manufacturing sector is the largest (54.8%) and fastest-growing (18.2%) sector of Tianjin’s economy. Major industries include petrochemical industries, textiles, car manufacturing, mechanical industries, and metalworking. EADS Airbus has already opened an assembly plant for its A320 series airliners, operational since 2009. Tianjin Municipality also has deposits of about 1 billion tons of petroleum, with Dagang District containing important oilfields. Geothermal energy is another resource of Tianjin. Deposits of manganese and boron under Tianjin were the first to be found in China.

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