Debt Ceiling Terms: Bleed The Sick; Enrich The Wealthy — Love Republican Style

Senator Mitch McConnell demands spending cuts, Medicare & Medicaid overhaul for deal on debt limit:

The top Senate Republican sought Thursday to clarify his party’s stance on Medicare and Medicaid heading into high-stakes talks with the White House, telling President Obama he wants “significant” changes to the programs in exchange for lifting the legal limit on government borrowing. Republican Governators fell right in line

FergusonFoont, a hard-working and tax-paying citizen places the absurdity of the Republican mantra into proper, human-scale perspective:

Writing in The May 13th Washington Post Comments Section…

Let me put Thurston Howell’s — no, wait… that’s Mitch McConnell’s — demands on Medicare and Medicaid on a more personal level.

I have a 26 year-old Down Syndrome daughter with an artificial heart valve. She is an absolutely delightful girl who works for a living and who brings joy and delight into everyone’s life who is lucky enough to meet her.

But she is absolutely dependent on Medicaid for her very life. Medicaid cuts THREATEN HER VERY LIFE. Her valve could have been repaired with timelier surgery six years ago, but Medicaid had just gone through a round of nasty, Republican-demanded cuts and it took them too long to approve the dental surgery she needed as a prerequisite to her heart surgery.

By the time they approved the dental work — pulling all of her teeth — nearly six months after the application, the valve had deteriorated beyond hope of repair, requiring the far more serious surgery to implant the artificial valve and consigning her to a much shorter life spent taking dosages of warfarin every single day.

This is what cuts to already grossly underfunded Medicaid achieve — a lower quality of life, and shorter lifespans for the underprivileged.

Republicans are always reluctant to do anything that actually help the American people, whether it concerns jobs or legal protections or rights or hunger or health. The only thing they aren’t reluctant to do is to act cruelly and heartlessly, and to wear their cruelty on their sleeves, pretending it’s somehow necessary to preserve the robber barons’ privileges.

Let'em all die... it's cheaper.



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