Georgia’s Governor — “Shady” Deal — Unethical… Maybe Criminal

Last week, it was revealed that Governor Nathan Deal secretly paid $90,000 in campaign funds to his own daughter-in-law — who, reportedly, is not licensed to provide the supposed services rendered to her father-in-law during his election campaign. No mention of Denise Deal’s name appears in any of the company records available to the public.

The following day, Deal retaliated by using state troopers to bar the FOX5 TV news crew that revealed this information from a public event at the State Capitol for the signing of Georgia’s discriminatory anti-immigration bill. One of the troopers told Reporter Gray, “We’re following the governor’s press office’s instructions to prevent you from coming in at this time.”

Take this LINK to view the state troopers blocking reporters from a public event.

Georgia State Troopers Block Media at a public event for "Shady" Governor Nathan Deal

The Marietta Daily-Journal said it best, “(Deal) was inaugurated governor last January, not anointed king.”

Governor Deal is trying to squash reporters, cover up his finances, and use Georgia’s law enforcement to protect him from the press… 

All the information listed by the Governor’s campaign about the daughter-in-law’s company was false. The mailing address and more — wrong. Georgia’s Fox 5 news also reported on this, as well as other local and national news media.

Gov. “Shady” Deal wasn’t pleased about the release of the video or the story coverage. So, when he signed historic and controversial immigration bill into law the other day, all media were welcome to cover the signing except for Georgia’s local Fox 5. They were barred from entering the event.

Past Is Prologue For “Shady” Governor

Of course, the “Shady” Governor’s office denies any wrongdoing. But… this is the same fellow who resigned his congressional seat as he was about to be brought up on charges within the United States House of Representatives.

And, until elected Georgia’s Governor, “Shady” Deal was embroiled in bankruptcy proceedings and about to have his home foreclosed upon… this related to massive loses he incurred in “shady” dealings with another relative.

Deal was branded one of the “Fifteen Most Corrupt Members of Congress.” Now, barely four months into another office, and “Shady” Deal has the Fox News Channel hounding him for more corrupt dealings. He went into the governorship bankrupt; he’ll likely leave a millionaire once again.

Even Deal’s own former campaign manager admitted in interviews with Fox5 News that he and the governor’s campaign knew the arrangement with his daughter-in-law would be controversial and have all the hallmarks of ethics violations. He maintained, however, that everything is legal and the candidate approved moving forward despite the ramifications.

Denial of wrongdoing, retaliation against a news company, and avoidance of directly answering questions (as seen in the original video) creates a smoke screen preventing the light of day from illuminating the truth. We have not heard the end of this story, yet.


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