Yes! Jaguar Confirms Limited Production Of C-X75 Hypercar

To be developed in cooperation with racing car developer Williams F1, the C-X75 will use a hybrid powertrain and come onto market in 2013. Only 250 examples will be built, costing between US$1.16 million to US$1.44 million at today’s exchange rates, depending on market and local taxes.

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OK, I have one friend with capacity and penchant to purchase this stunner… Challenge: I would vote republican — just once : ) — for a track ride in your C-X75! You know who you are : )

To bring it to market within a reasonable timeframe, Jaguar will replace the jet-powered setup of the original concept with a — still innovative by today’s standards — powertrain of a small-capacity, highly-boosted internal combustion engine with a very powerful electric motor at each axle for all-wheel drive capability.

Williams F1’s involvement implies a high-tech, four-cylinder motor likely related to the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine scheduled for use in Formula One race cars after new regulations come into force in 2013.

Jaguar maintains the C-X75 will be one of the fastest production cars in the world, with a 0-60mph time of less than three seconds and a top speed in excess of 200mph!

Due to lightweight construction and the use of the electric motors, the C-X75 will also be “green,” emitting less than 99g/km of CO2.

“This will make the Jaguar C-X75 a bona fide hybrid supercar capable of silent electric running with an extensive EV range in excess of 50km.,” relayed the Group Engineering Director, Jaguar Land Rover.

The technologically focused aficionado will rejoice that Jaguar states development continues on the micro-turbine technology of the original concept C-X75 and will have role in future plans.

Williams F1 said it will provide its engineering expertise in various areas including aerodynamics, carbon composite manufacture, and hybrid technologies.


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