W35 Prefab Cabin in Oslo Fjord by Marianne Borge

Norwegian architect Marianne Borge has responsibly designed an impressive but demure prefab cabin named W35 — Woody 35 meters square.

The end product is exactly that: a typically Norwegian, sparse, simple holiday escape made of low maintenance local woods within a modest 35 square meters.

With an unobtrusive fireplace to gather around and a sizable deck leading out to the water, this cabin makes an excellent place to spend a few summer months in the splendor of Norwegian woods.

Ms Borge describes her creation this way:

Woody 35 – a solid wood cabin with emphasis on harmonic spaces and utilization of natural light. Durable and sustainable design is the starting point for Woody35 – a very space efficient cabin of 35m2 in maintenance-free wood materials.The various room solutions keep an unobstructed contact between indoors and outdoors, enhanced by big glass sliding doors that provide ample of light to enter and give a clear view out.

The double height in the living room gives a generous feeling of space, as well as a loft-room. All products in the cabin have been selected with care and with focus on sustainable solutions.

The cabin is delivered on a turnkey basis.

Borge is a bit more philosophical about an architect’s obligation to clients, society, and the planet when she says:

By building smaller, one uses less material — there is less to heat, less to maintain. And it costs less to build. Good space is not primarily about technical variables, but about good design. To build less need not be at the expense of architectural quality.

Can our everyday architecture inspire one through small, quaint rooms? Can we get to complex, interesting and functional solutions… even within a small space? Can the conscious use of light and judicious use of materials give the rooms a richer effect?

Can the use of sustainable wood, give us a sense of the forest? Can a room full of books give us a sense of poetry? Can an organic space give us a sense of nature?

We are all in the same boat (or on the same planet) when it comes to natural resources and what’s ahead. It is important to think rationally but also emotionally. If the new rules lead to more use of materials, more use of money and too dense and dreary house, we have chosen wrong.

The Proud Owner Of This Responsible Norwegian Cabin


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