Dinah Shore Residence: Modernist Home Designed by Donald Wexler

W. Hermosa Place, Palm Springs, CA

Designed by architect Donald Wexler for Dinah Shore in 1963, this legendary tennis estate — 7,000 square feet (approx.), 6 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms — defines timeless modern architecture. The 1.34 acre property offers architecture and design embodying the enjoyment of past, present and future.

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Extensive renovations brought the interior current while honoring the original essence of the house. An excellent example for modern desert living, this property embraces the beauty of the environment by commingling the interior and exterior space, while the renovation project utilized current materials Wexler might have used if available to him during original creation.

Current owner David Lee started his success back in the early 1980s, wrote for the television show “The Jeffersons,” went on to write and produce episodes of Wings and Cheers, and then created, wrote, and directed the award winning program “Frasier.” Lee purchased this Shore-Wexler desert jewel in 2002 for more than three million dollars.

Renovated Front Entryway To Shore Residence

Located in the beautiful and wealthy Old Las Palmas neighborhood hugging the base of the spectacularly rugged San Jacinto mountain range, this W. Hermosa Place house sprawls across (approx.) 7,000 square feet of meticulously modernized and visually intriguing mid-century modernity and includes 6 color-coordinated bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms.

Original Front Entryway To Shore Residence

The multi-winged mansion includes walls of floor to ceiling glass that frame views of the verdant back yard and the magnificent mountains beyond. The long and low structure is comprised of linear elements of stone walls, vast floor to ceiling panels of glass and a wood ceiling. In addition to the main house, a tennis bungalow houses a fully equipped gym while a large swimming pool is surrounded by loungers and umbrellas.

Interested? This classic, modernist example is available for about $6 million.

Original Entrance Hallway - Shore Residence

Renovated Entrance Hallway - Shore Residence


Original Wexler Draft Design For Shore Residence Backside

Constructed Wexler Design For Shore Residence Backside

Enjoy A Video Of the Shore/Lee Residence By Donald Wexler


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