New York State Fulfills Our Rights of Citizenship!

The Empire state Building in New York City, glowing in rainbow colors after the New York state legislature approved and Governor Cuomo signed the law legalizing same-sex marriage in the third largest state in the United States.

Full rights of American Citizenship begin now to spread across a country that prides itself on — but has failed to provide — real guaranteed rights respecting humanity and citizenship.

The country as a whole still fails to deliver its promise, and millions of Americans will fight to deprive or remove full rights of citizenship for “certain” citizens… but slowly, people across the land realize that “the others” are just people like themselves, with the same greatness and the same vulnerability.

We will still encounter bigots, as did I and my same-sex spouse of 20+ years just yesterday in our own home’s parking garage:

As two carpenters at the service elevator loaded up their truck with scrap material from a highrise condo unit renovation — and as we walked past them laden with bags from a Target store run — the middle-aged lead says quietly to the younger apprentice… “See, those guys… two faggots.” To which the young one replies, “Figures.”

Hum… yeah, it does “figure,” doesn’t it?




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