Loblolly House — Responsibly Readapting House Design

Surrounded by Chesapeake Bay’s loblolly pines, Kieran Timberlake’s Loblolly House is an 1,800 sq ft single family residence. The home sports a unique “active and adjustable” double-skin facade, consisting of 70% prefabricated components that moved the concept to reality in only six weeks.

The completed structure stands as one with its densely wooded setting, with an irregular pattern of vertical board rain screens on the east side overlaying a solid wall and other elements lapping over the glazing to replicate the fluctuating densities observed within the forest.

Meanwhile, the building’s west wall is composed of an adjustable, double-layer system of folding glass doors that provide protection from the harsh sun and occasional storms, yet can be thrown open to merge inside and outside space.

With an eye toward a more responsible future, the architect says,

“The methodology [of the Loblolly House] confronts not only the question of how we assemble our architecture, but our obligation to assume responsibility for its disassembly. Instead of a stream of decomposed debris that comprises much of what we are left with to recycle today, this house poses a far more extensive agenda of wholesale reclamation. It is a vision in which our architecture, even as it is disassembled at some unknown moment, can be relocated and reassembled in new ways from reclaimed parts.”


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