Debt Limit Solutions: Survey Says…


What does “the country” want to do to resolve the debt limit crisis? Survey makes it clear…

Despite Gallup’s misleading “Only/Mostly” roundup at the bottom, the fact is that when you add all choices that involve both taxes and cuts, 30+32+7=69%

Seems like the citizenry is appropriately pragmatic, yet we’re all held hostage within the Ayn Rand-induced reality distortion field of the Looney Tunes (tea bagger) faction of congress.

The following is said in Louis Rukeyser’s singular voice from his closing comments section on television’s Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street

Of course, all of this is probably for naught, as I’m just listening to NPR talk about how Eric Cantor and his allies among conservative Republican freshmen are scuttling any deal on the debt limit, and the credit ratings agencies have issued warnings of reevaluation to the U.S. credit rating.

So, Republican extremism is willing to stop the economy and country, as well as the world’s economy.

Ohioan, “Speaker-Of-The-House” (in name only) John Boehner has absolutely NO cajones to lead his recalcitrants and now duly accepts his role as sycophant to Eric Cantor’s rants. Sad.

Perhaps it’s time the President simply declare a national emergency, assert full Presidential authority, pay debt payments as the 14th amendment requires to be done (constitution takes precedence over mere “law”), and issue massive debt bonds through the Treasury (which is an executive agency and not a congressional one — remember the separation of government branches) that must be honored and paid per the 14th amendment. Then he should summarily arrest the tea bagger component of congress on charges of treason. But that’s just me…


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