18.36.54 House by Daniel Libeskind — Modern Work Of Art Set In Nature

Given reaction to recent posts about Daniel Libeskind on Faustian urGe, the situation is quite clear that this genius simply does not resonate with many individuals (they just don’t get it), even while he is universally recognized by design intelligentsia. In that regard, after my original posting about his Dresden Museum nearing completion, I followed up with a look at a series of his designs. Now, having posted a follow up for the opening of that completed Libeskind Dresden Museum and further subsequent negative reactions (that I declined to post as comments), I feel compelled to explore further one of my favorites within his repertoire: the 18.36.54 House by Daniel Libeskind. — To Daniel… Carry On, Sir!

The remarkable 18.36.54 house designed by architect Daniel Libeskind is sited on 54 acres with large oak trees and historic low stacked stone walls establishing a dynamic and appealing juxtaposition between the rustic old and angular modern.

The very unusual numeric name, 18.36.54 is based on the design of living space, formed by a spiraling ribbon of 18 planes, defined by 36 points, and connected by 54 lines.

As described by the architects, “The architectural form generates distinctive interior spaces while framing both near and distant landscape scenes. Large glass planes virtually disappear within the ribbon, allowing unimpeded picturesque views of 18th century hay meadows and 250 year-old oaks.”

The interior finishes are all designed specifically for the residence, from the seating areas to the cabinetry. Circulation through kitchen, living, dining, and sleeping areas is seamless and free-flowing, as is the distinction between interior and exterior space.

Challenging both traditional and modern concepts of “the house in the landscape,” this design gives nothing of itself up to its natural setting, but selectively incorporates the elements thereof for the enhancement of both house and landscape.


5 responses to “18.36.54 House by Daniel Libeskind — Modern Work Of Art Set In Nature

  • Daniel

    it is a beautiful concept..
    had a dream similar to this concept.
    i think i also got an answer to the question of the number 54.
    related to me.. three parts of life…18…36..54..

  • Sedgewick

    Looks like another chaotic and uncontrolled mess from Libeskind. I find it interesting that the author describes Libeskind’s fans and supporters as the “design intelligentsia”. (Objective reporting isn’t exactly the reason onwe stumbles onto this blog, is it?) Evidently the blog author is impressed with these self-styled theorists and the unintelligible gibberish that they delude themselves with. But then it is hard to see the world clearly when your head is stuck that far up someone else’s ass. But hey, someone’s got to be pretentious, right? How else will serious thinkers get a laugh?

    • Coronare Modestus Faust

      Um…yes to all of your assertions. I readily and happily accept them. Libeskind’s work is brilliant…to me, and nowhere on MY site is there reference to this being “objective reporting.” It’s my site, and my opinions and perspectives. And, I like my opinions quite well, thank you very much. Moreover, I believe history records those who blaze new paths in culture and not those who build mundane strip malls. Just saying. (FYI, I’m the adult son of a man who built a dozen of this nation’s largest shopping malls, but I’m most proud of when he realized his errors and then rebuilt a historic structure in the mid-80s in what was then one of America’s larger urban renewal projects) Anyway, thanks for stopping by and offering your perspective. I do quite understand why Libeskind is difficult for many people to grasp, but for me, I know he is part of the intelligentsia that advances society for the better. Be well.

  • Trud

    Artistically I love this very very much but when I look at this through Feng Shui eyes , I feel the inhabitants might encounter a variety of difficulties in life, for example while that bedroom is uber chic the off kilter head board will probably create some inharmonious effects in sleep patterns and health. The lower bed edge projecting sharply out is cool design- wise but literately is a tripping/shin bashing hazard and very unfriendly to children also.
    Probably this house like many high end design houses will be great for parties/ occasional use but for day- to- day living not so appealing. If I am wrong I would love to hear stories from people flourishing in all ways ( financially, emotionally , socially, physically , spiritually, creatively in these environments. I have read several accounts of clients owning these high end design houses but unable to “live” in these houses.

  • michael

    Of the many pioneers on the cutting edge history only ever honours a tiny minority.
    Maybe this architecture will be the one in a million that continues to be meaningful in the future, maybe it won’t.
    Of course you have every right to believe in it.
    My opinion? His style seems dated to me and the finish on his work is very good quality.

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