Villa Veth — Modern Nature In Hattem, Netherlands

Between forest and meadows lies a varied landscape. High, dry, sandy dunes interspersed with heather, willow bushes and grasslands. An ideal setting if you like the outdoors, like the inhabitants of this villa in Hattem.

Villa Veth is a modern villa for a family of four. Situated in a forest near the idyllic town of Hattem in the eastern part of the Netherlands, the house itself and the mostly customized furnishings were designed by Liong Lie of the Rotterdam-based 123DV.

The design is a classic, modern residence that functions well for the family inhabiting it, and as such, looks as if it could have existed since the 1950s — the benefit of classic modernism is that it transcends time and fashion.

The ground floor and principal living area of the two-storey residence is divided into two. On one side are the master bedroom and two kids’ bedrooms — all with separate bathrooms — plus two small studios.

The other half –- the south-facing side — of the floor plan is composed of an open-concept living area that includes the kitchen, dining and living spaces. One wall of the living area is constructed of frameless curved glass, enabling a seamless connection with the outdoors. This space widely opens to a vast, unadorned terrace or platform, part of which is covered and equipped with floor heating.

The total floor surface area of the residence is about 5,113 square feet. 123DV is an architectural firm that specializes in modern villas and supervises the entire construction process to great effect.


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