Cadillac XTS vs Lincoln MKS: America Finally Comes To Challenge The Europeans

The Los Angeles Motor Show opened on Wednesday (November 16), providing a glimpse into the auto world’s creative rejuvenation… notably within the U.S. component.

While my preference has long been for German vehicles, backed up by my own purchases of BMW and Audi vehicles over the last decade, I have to admit that Detroit is on the move with compelling products. I have denigrated American automobiles for quite some time, but one can’t deny the tremendous progress… at least within GM and Ford (Chrysler is a story yet to be written).

Especially within the small and medium sized vehicle segment, GM and Ford are now building world-class product. The 2011 LA Auto Show indicates, however, that this dynamism is racing forward in the American large car, premium segment, as well. The new Cadillac XTS and Lincoln MKS look to be excellent examples and may be good enough to challenge the Europeans.

Judging by first impressions, I would say advantage Cadillac. The new XTS seems to contain all the visual cues and solid design normally attributed to Audi A8, Mercedes S-Class, and BMW 7-Series… with just a hint — and not too much — of “American elegance” to differentiate. The Lincoln MKS is leaps beyond the old Town Car floating highway boat, but appears to fall just a bit shy of the Cadillac in sophistication. All-in-all, though, looks to be an excellent effort by both American firms.

Cadillac XTS vs Lincoln MKS:


2 responses to “Cadillac XTS vs Lincoln MKS: America Finally Comes To Challenge The Europeans

  • ltd2dtl

    Having recently shopped for a lightly used AWD sports sedan, I forced myself to look beyond Germany and Sweden, to give the US and Japanese makers a fair shake. I’m glad I did, though I ultimately went for an A4, because the Cadillac CTS was a decent contender (as was the G37x). However, the Caddy lacked in a couple of key areas where the advantage still is with the Germans: balancing ride quality/comfort with performance and ‘fit & finish’. Specifically, the CTS, while it handled nicely was still a little soupy in fast lateral maneuvers, and its panoramic moonroof, while beautiful let in so much wind noise while closed that I though that I had left a rear window or door ajar. Once I figured out the source of the noise, and that there was no way to get rid of it, I was floored, how could any engineer or any beta tester not have noticed this issue after 2 minutes on a highway? Plus the plasticky door that my leg rested against creaked excessively. So, good effort, glad to see we’re improving, but we’ve got a ways to go if Cadillac (as torch bearer for the US) is going to seriously compete with Audi or BMW.

  • NormV

    My XTS VSport Platinum sits in the garage. So I only get to see it when I walk up to it. Though it turns heads where ever we go, I spend most of my time on the inside with fully wrapped Opus leather seats(not just seating surfaces like most others), leather on the doors, and leather covering the dash. Don’t listen to others about CUE, the updates have it working as good as most tablets today. Magnetic shocks create a great holding ride that can adjust to changing road conditions within a heartbeat. But can be firm on some roads. Electronic gizmos to suit most of the techies and insurance companies while buzzing the driver’s seat.

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