As I Recover… “Occupy” Is Others’ Hope To Recovery

As I recover from my own very serious spinal surgery and appreciate to my very core that the $100,000+ cost is covered by insurance…

I also contemplate the human situation after learning that my Aunt’s current chemotherapy treatments are covered 80% by insurance, with her and my Uncle left to pick up the balance…

And, I think how fortunate I am that my Life-Partner’s employer affords me the benefit of complete health insurance at my time of need…

And I appreciate how fortunate my Aunt and Uncle are to have the financial success in life such that their massive “out-of-pocket” chemo expenses are afforded by themselves.

Then my heart wrenches to think what would each of our lives be like had we not had the health care access life and circumstance afforded us.

I don’t have to look far, for those harmed by our inequitable and deficient system stand front and center as stark reminder…

… and plead for recovery, that a better system be established:

We can do better… Listen… OCCUPY LIFE!


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