Tour AXA Tower Paris — Refurbishment As Sustainable Development

In our age of learning to recycle and develop more efficiently and conscientiously, repositioning skyscrapers with a modern esthetic may prove an effective solution — to wit, the Tour AXA Tower, Paris France. The idea is refurbishment as a sustainable approach.

This project is the complete reconstruction of the 1974 Tour AXA Tower. The effort maintains the main structure of the previous building with substantial modifications on the higher levels and adds an entirely new facade. It was announced in 2006, in 2008 the facades were demolished along with, partially, 5 floors of one of the wings.

The tower’s reconstruction is part of a major new development project, La Défense 2015, which also includes a number of new towers this being the tallest after reconstruction.

The original AXA Tower is in the shape of a three-pointed star, symbolizing the merger of three insurance companies into one, Union des Assurances de Paris, and featured an interesting facade constructed of aluminium, double-glazed glass, and bronze-colored stone.

In 2006, a complete reconstruction of this tower was proposed by Cogedim Entreprise with Kohn Perdersen Fox Associates and Saubot & Rouit Associés as design architects — including re-cladding the tower in glass, and increasing its height from 159 meters to 231 meters, the highest building in Paris and the tallest office building in France.


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