Mid-Century Exemplar In Pasadena CA

Beautiful Mid-Century Home in Pasadena by McCarthy, Zemke and Hartfelder

An excellent example of sophisticated modernism and timelessly classic design, built in 1958 by by McCarthy, Zemke and Hartfelder, this mid-century modern home sits on a lot on a quiet cul-de sac in Pasadena, California.

The 4,994 square foot residence has three bedrooms, five bathrooms, a formal dining room, a large kitchen with butler’s pantry, a den, a library, a living room and a covered terrace overlooking the pool and outdoor entertaining areas. Most of the common areas are on the ground floor, a suite with its own patio is down half a level, and a family room with “immaculate original kitchenette,” bath and bedroom is one half-level lower.

Clearly this is a big home with great capacity, and it achieves this without today’s practice of oversized footprint and McMansion proportions. It practices the better craft of sophisticated understatement and clean elegance. Can we get back to it?

If you’re looking for a historic house to buy in Pasadena, California, this one goes for $3.1 million.


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