Hedonist Yachts — What’s Your Pleasure: Convertible Or Hardtop?

Yacht manufacturer Art of Kinetik’s home base is Belgrade, Serbia — where they meld beauty and design with naval architecture, engineering and research & development to create the highest quality, luxury wooden yachts in the world.

The Art of Kinetik yacht collection is constructed in size from 10m to 30m in length. Carefully crafted of the finest materials — teak, mahogany, stainless steel and leather — these yachts illustrate the quality of high design and timeless structure.

Hedonist’s designs best captures the essence of Art of Kinetik in a 19m yacht (open or hardtop) and a perfect pairing of Rolls Royce water jets with a timeless mahogany hull.  This merging of technology and beauty not only creates an eye catching sculpture on the water’s surface, it produces a surprisingly smooth ride at high speeds. An eye to detail is evident throughout as no screw is visible on the finished product.


Hedonist convertible model features a sleek profile and mono-frame stainless steel windshield. The streamlined, all-weather canopy unfurls effortlessly to reveal the sights and sounds of every voyage. Inside, elegant white textures and designer accessories create a sea-going version of home. Outside, the mahogany wood and enhanced detailing create a visual sensation never seen before.


Hedonist Hardtop blends enviable levels of comfort and refinement with daring looks and robust performance in a 63 foot yacht. Its solid mahogany hull and Rolls Royce water jets combine to deliver a stealthy, smooth ride at speeds up to 40 knots. Aesthetics define every detail: no screws or plastic are visible anywhere — an expression of art and technology.


These yachts are not without eliciting Comments:

-Mmmhhh. What does this yacht communicate to me? “I have been build with dodgy money, drugs, weapons, laundered funds,” spring to mind — clue perhaps is Belgrade, Serbia? This yacht didn’t come into existence because the owner is a kind, honorable, human being, but most likely with the attitude “I don’t give a shit about anyone or anything apart from ME!” That, to me, is what makes this yacht so very, very ugly!!!!

-Even if I will duplicate myself 50 times, and will have the same job as I have now, I wont be able to buy such a thing in a hundred years… It is painful how beautiful this machine is…


2 responses to “Hedonist Yachts — What’s Your Pleasure: Convertible Or Hardtop?

  • Mike

    Yeah, I think the boats themselves are beautiful… but, sadly, you can be pretty sure they were paid for mostly with blood money…

  • peter

    I think you’ll find, with a little bit of googling, they were paid for by an IT entrepreneur who made his money building fiber-optic networks in Sweden and UK. Hardly sounds like blood money… but who am I to question prejudice?

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