A-cero Architects’ House In Somosaquas, Spain

A-cero Architects, Spain, are master designers creating residential works of art for the well-heeled.

And, art is one of an A-cero home owner’s passions in Somosaques/Madrid, so in addition to adorning the garden with large sculptures and exhibiting works of art in the interior, the house is a work of art in itself.

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This exceptional property is located in the heart of Somosaguas, part of the town of Pozuelo de Alarcón, northwest of the Spanish capital. As reflected in its residents’ quality of life, this hamlet is one of the largest and richest in the Madrid region.

This is an area of great beauty, with upland flora of oaks, shrubs, and Carrascal Jarales, among other plant species, something very characteristic of a continental climate.

The 1700 square meter house sits on a plot of 4,100 square meters. Its large size allows indoor spaces to be consistent with the overall property and permits wide spaces with up to 7 meters height at the highest point of a room.

Upon entry, the house clearly shows aggressively stylized forms. Horizontal lines dominate volumes, which are superimposed upon each other, from a partially visible basement, forming layers that appear to emerge naturally from the ground.

The lines outside and inside the house produce sculptural volumes. Art and Architecture have gone hand in hand in this project.

On the ground floor, the main lobby is highlighted, situated beneath a curved canopy that adds a great deal of space, from where the rest of the house spreads out: the living room, dining room, master bedroom suite including a closet and bathroom, gymnasium, indoor pool, kitchen and office.

On the second floor lies a painting studio in a long and curved deck, with plentiful natural light and views. The basement floor is dedicated to leisure and health: game room, locker rooms for the outdoor pool, massage room, theater, wine cellar, gym, storage area, and the service and facilities for the entire dwelling.


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