Mid-Century Modern “Bridge House” By John Johansen

John Johansen designed the Warner House as a Neo-Palladian structure during what he called his “Neo-Classical Period. “Chosen as one of the best contemporary homes of 1958 by Architectural Record, the Warner ( or, Bridge) House was also featured in the New York Times, House & Home, and Architectural Design. Recently, this masterpiece sold for $5,000,000. Designed for Mary Ann and Rawleigh Warner, Jr., work began in August 1955 and completed in June 1956.

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Sited so that the Rippowam River bisects the lofty living room in a way that perfectly aligns with a barrel-vaulted ceiling. The ceiling is gold leaf that has burnished to a bronzy, autumnal tone that reflects the glints and dappling of the water below. On five landscaped acres, the 4,500-square-foot Bridge House has six bedrooms, four full bathrooms and a gorgeous stone pool and terrace.

The house has an H-shaped plan with each pavilion addressing a separate function: the parent’s pavilion contained the master suite; the children’s pavilion contained two bedrooms and a bath; the service pavilion contained the kitchen, storage area, a servant’s bedroom, and a basement playroom; and the guest pavilion contained a guest bedroom, bath, and courtyard. The center part of the house contained the social space: a living room, dining room, and balconies overlooking the river.

The architect John Johansen at 95


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