Spanish La Pallissa (Hayloft) Conversion Into Loft Home

Architects: Cubus – David Pou van den Bossche y Estel Ortega
Location: Baix Empordà, Catalonia, Spain

The project was based in the rehabilitation and improvement of the northern part of an old masia (basically, located away from main dwellings, structures for farming and livestock) from the 16th century and the hayloft annex. The masia was partitioned between family members, adapting the north area to create three new apartments designed for use in summer, mainly. The areas to rehabilitate consisted of the “Cort del Nino” (where the old family horse lived) and “la Pallissa” (independent building used as the old hayloft), both on the ground floor.

The structure used as a hayloft was cleared out to become an empty stone box, in which the space was conceived three-dimensionally: in cubic meters, not in square meters, despite and because of its small size. Only a new landscape window was carved out of the original stone walls to open the view from the inside to outside.

The distribution is arranged around a new small core of services that allows the original walls of stone to be completely visible all around. A mezzanine that does not occupy the entire perimeter creates a lofted ceiling in the living room and establishes the private bedroom upstairs, hidden by the services volume. The whole construction is developed through traditional construction systems and materials.

The hayloft is now a modern loft/bungalow, fitting a contemporary lifestyle. Well done.


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