The Staller House By Richard Neutra

Designed by modernist architect Richard Neutra in 1955, the Staller House sits on a 1.1 acre gated lot in Bel Air, an affluent residential community in the Western hills of Los Angeles, California. Not only is the home located “in the Western hills,” it is literally built “into” the hillside, virtually eliminating any sense of a “backyard,” save for one small seating area.

Thus, all front and rear traditional home functions were relegated to the frontside, where Neutra creatively utilized the rolling terrain on the front plus an architectural wall functioning as the main entrance to segregate the front functions from the traditional rear functions of the home. Hence, the drive and entry are together to the left of the structure, while the pool and deck area exist on the right side. Deftly handled.

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Staller House As She Stands Today

Staller House…Brand Spanking New 1955

Restored by award winning studio Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects in 2001, this 6,674 square foot modern residence has four bedrooms and seven baths, a 4,200-bottle refrigerated wine-tasting room, a guest house, two fireplaces, pool, spa, and parking for twelve — just right for both yesterday’s and today’s entertaining.

Also referred to as the Levinsohn House as it was purchased by movie producer Gary Levinsohn in 1998, this home was listed for sale at $10.9 million in june 2011, and was recently offered at $8.5 million.


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