Whistler Residence — Modern Chalet Canadian Style

Rustic Modernism

Architects: Battersby Howat Architects
Location: Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Site Area: 1,050 sqm
Building Area: 540 sqm
Completion: 2010

Halfway up a mountainside located in a Whistler, B.C. neighborhood, this residence recalls the traditional timber structures characteristic of the typical Whistler Chalet without the cookie cutter design and aesthetic. Located on a modest while prominent site, the visual mass of this large construct was mitigated by establishing the appearance that a substantial portion of the house sat below grade.

Thoughtful integration with the terrain resulted in an extremely private home that looks deceptively modest in relation to its neighbors — tasteful and restrained without being ostentatious. Beautiful details and quality materials throughout convey an assured form and structure.


One response to “Whistler Residence — Modern Chalet Canadian Style

  • KairosM

    A well planned and detailed project. I like how the built forms are sympathetic with lines of the surrounding natural elements. That, and the fine materials, the logical flow of the floor plan.

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