Our New Congress: Starting To Look A Lot More Like America

Election 2012 proved to be a year of diversity in the electorate that helped propel the president to victory.

That diverse electorate also voted to send the most diverse Congress in history to Washington —

  • more women,
  • more LGBT people (including the first ever openly gay Senator),
  • more religious diversity,
  • more racial diversity, and
  • more younger members.

While the new Congress is still older, whiter, and more male than the country as a whole, the incoming Congress starts us on the path to look (and represent) a bit more like the rest of America.

  • For the first time ever, the House Democratic caucus will not be majority white male.
  • Meanwhile, the Republican caucus actually grew less diverse (go figure).

Center for American Progress looked at the new and diverse faces coming to Washington for the 113th Congress:

Click On Image For Large View Size


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