STARCKphan Website Launches Visual Encyclopedia Of Philippe Starck Designs

Faustian urGe Introduces A New Website — STARCKphan — To Satisfy An urGe To Share The Design World of Philippe Starck

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Faustian urGe has for years intermixed a passion for design along with political rants, socio-political analysis, and opinions. While this urGe has led to several postings about Philippe Starck designs for yachts and a few other assorted creations, it has always been a desire to present the full gamut of Starck’s talents and design ventures to readers. The problem has been that such a compendium is much too large for a blog post, or even dozens of blog posts! The solution? A new website devoted entirely to sharing the library of Philippe Stark’s design history.

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STARCKphan,” where you may explore a visual encyclopedia of design projects and efforts by today’s foremost+famous+infamous+renowned+vilified designer+architect+intellect: Philippe Starck. I say that I am a Philippe Starck fan who appreciates his work and agrees with his politics. My friends say I am brainwashed and/or obsessed. Perhaps it’s all true. Either way, my goal with this site is to provide a visual repository of Starck’s work.

Starck’s designs are innovative, sexy, playful, stimulating, provocative, fun, compelling, daring, and sometimes surrealistic — to me, everything great design should be about. I did not always subscribe to this position. Once-upon-a-time my design ethic was cold and logical… or rather, rational design. Modernism and brutalism were my comfort styles. That is… until… I experienced Starck’s designs through his original design for the Royalton Hotel In NYC. Through Starck’s work, I came to appreciate the design additions of emotion+intelligence+playfulness+humor. Life for me has gratefully never been viewed the same since then.

Design — all of it: good, bad, indifferent, plebeian, generic, crass, etc — defines the context of our lives. It is the visual stage upon which we all exist, even if not consciously aware of the fact. Design reflects our priorities as individuals and as a people. For me, I appreciate the exciting stimulation along with an inherent acknowledgment of responsibility for the world’s well-being that Starck employs.


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