Mandarin Oriental Paris — Perfect Living In The Perfect City

Mandarin Oriental, Paris is a luxury hotel in the first arrondissement in the city of Paris on Rue Saint-Honoré, near Place Vendôme and the Jardin des Tuileries. The hotel’s 99 guest rooms and 39 suites are among the most spacious in the city.

Several of the larger suites are designed to serve as apartment homes away from home. These are magnificent accommodations for those seeking the absolutely perfect in the perfect city — all one needs is the right bank account : )

Mandarin Oriental Paris 1-1


  • First and Only Hotel Certified High Quality Environment and Sustainability (Certivea, French Government Organization)
  • Best Business Hotel 2011 (Wallpaper Magazine, 2011)
  • The Hot List 2012 (Condé Nast Traveler, 2012)
  • Top 25 New Hotels & Resorts for Couples (Holidays for Couples, The 2012 Romance List)
  • Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx: Two Michelin Stars (Michelin Guide 2012)
  • Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx: Best New Restaurant (Wallpaper Magazine, Design Awards 2012)
  • Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx and Restaurant Camélia: Best Restaurant (Travel + Leisure, 2012 Design Awards)

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3 responses to “Mandarin Oriental Paris — Perfect Living In The Perfect City

  • Kairos

    Very very Faustian dear sir!

  • wallace

    My advice to all who read this article is to stay away from the Mandarin Oriental PARIS Hotel unless you like bedbugs.

    Back in may, our family traveled to Paris on business. We arrived at the Mandarin Oriental Paris Hotel, late night. We checked into two rooms-one for my husband and I and one for our two adult children.

    On the 20th, my daughter complained that has bedbugs and she had red blotches on her legs. I purchased some cortisone cream and had her use it on her legs, which helped. We again arrived back at the Mandarin Oriental Paris Hotel on the night of the 21th. My 22 year old daughter woke in the middle of the night to something crawling in her bed- She ran out of the room, down the hall to our room and banged on the door. She had bedbugs in her hair (she has long hair) and in her pajamas. We called down to the front desk and were told by Arina Phouthakhanty manager there was no other rooms available and that there was an ( ARAB FAMILy NIGHTS BEFORE ) and that they would have an exterminator come up and take care of the bedbugs IN THE MORNING!

    Meanwhile, our two children spend the rest of the night in our room (thankfully we had two beds). Upon checkout on the 22nd, we woke up to find the rooms already charged to my credit card. I called a second time down to the front desk for the hotel manager. He as not in and the assistant manager was in a meeting (on a Sunday morning)…I tried to work out a discount or credit to my bill prior to my departure, but was informed I would have to speak to one of the managers.

    Later that morning when I finally reached the same duty manager Arina, I was told I would not be receiving a credit for the bedbugs infested hotel room. Yes, there were bedbugs in the room, and yes, they did spray but I was told by Arina that no one is allergic to bedbugs. In essence, she told me I was lying.

    We have been Mandarin Oriental guests since 2004. Our daughter was very traumatized over this experience.

    Hotel Duty manager Arina: no way no how are we refunding you anything for your room-we have never heard of anyone experiencing an allergic reaction to bedbugs in a hotel rooms .
    you should expect to find them there, after all it is sometime natural
    No we cannot provide you with another room-it is the height of tourist season and we have no other rooms-you are simply trying to get out of paying for your rooms…at the end of the day our books have to balance.

  • andre

    Act of Racism at Mandarin Oriental Paris.

    I was sitting in a common area (lobby)of the Mandarin Oriental Paris hotel on he phone with my Nigerian family ( may be a little loud) and was confronted by a hotel Chinese employee named Arina Phouthakhanty who said, “This place is for guests of the hotel. You must leave.” Room was registered under my assistant name.

    The worker would hear none of my explanation that i was a guest. she insisted that i must leave immediately.

    After it was established that indeed i was a distinguished guest of the Mandarin Oriental Paris Hotel and good friend of GM Philipe Leboeuf. She apologized by offering some complimentary drink and a later and try to explain hat she was part of the management team.
    I asked for Mister Leboeuf and was told that he left few minutes ago. Not true , and i am sure he didn’t have any report of this incident.

    This incident needs to be publicized as much as possible because i cannot believe it is an isolated incident. Let it be a warning to others that we are not going to allow people to get away with this kind of behavior in 2014. It is not simply a matter of sacking the employee Arina Phouthakhanty – it is about changing attitudes and training staff appropriately. And if that is not being done then the apology is worthless.

    I think i can’t stay anywhere better than the famous George V in Paris. Also staying in a Four Seasons Hotel is a guarantee of quality and excellent service. I still consider that Mandarin Oriental Paris is a good hotel.

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