Your 1957 Dream House Made Real — Alcoa “Care-Free” Home

Alcoa House 1957 1-1

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In January 1957 the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa) announced the formation of a “Residential Building Products Sales Division” to facilitate expansion into new uses for aluminum in home-building. U.S. Steel similarly explored modern home architecture in California’s famous Case Study House Program. To jump-start sales in this new division, Alcoa announced they would be sponsoring the construction of 50 “Care-Free” aluminum model homes priced under $25,000. The company’s stated aim was to create a lower maintenance home and achieve the “greatest change in residential building materials in centuries.”

Alcoa hired east-coast architect Charles M. Goodman to design the “Care-Free” home; the standard model was post and beam construction with 1,900 square feet of living space, including 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The design integrated 7,500 lbs of colorful aluminum details throughout the house, including large aluminum framed windows and its signature purple siding and blue window grilles.

By the end of 1957, approximately 24 of the Alcoa “Care-Free” homes were completed across the US. Unfortunately for Alcoa, they never made it to the planned 50 model homes; U.S. Steel’s house program met a similar fate, and as with U.S. Steel, the final cost of these aluminum homes was much higher than anticipated, nearly twice as much.

Still, these beautiful homes make excellent examples of the future-oriented, innovative approaches to home development sought in the post-world-war years. For modernists, they are fetching eye candy.

A Resurrected Classic Alcoa Care-Free Home

Steven Plouffe and Michael Linsner have kept the original purple color on the outside of their Alcoa Care-free Home by Charles Goodman near Rochester, NY. Designed by architect Charles Goodman, it was built in 1957 by Fred P. DeBlase.

Alcoa House 1957 1-002

Alcoa House 1957 1-003

Alcoa House 1957 1-004

Alcoa House 1957 1-004a

Alcoa House 1957 1-005

Alcoa House 1957 1-006

Alcoa House 1957 1-007

Alcoa House 1957 1-008

Alcoa House 1957 1-009

Alcoa House 1957 1-010

Alcoa House 1957 1-011

Alcoa House 1957 1-012

Alcoa House 1957 1-013

Alcoa House 1957 1-015

Alcoa House 1957 1-016

Alcoa House 1957 1-017

Alcoa House 1957 1-018

Alcoa House 1957 1-019

Alcoa House 1957 1-021

Alcoa House 1957 1-022

Alcoa House 1957 1-023

Alcoa House 1957 1-024

Alcoa House 1957 1-025

Alcoa House 1957 1-026

Alcoa House 1957 1-027

Alcoa House 1957 1-028

Alcoa Presents “Care-Free Home”

Alcoa House 1957 1-029

Alcoa House 1957 1-030

Alcoa House 1957 1-031

Alcoa House 1957 1-032

Alcoa House 1957 1-033

Alcoa House 1957 1-034

Alcoa House 1957 1-035

Alcoa House 1957 1-036

Alcoa House 1957 1-037

Alcoa House 1957 1-038

The Original “Care-Free Home”

Alcoa House 1957 1-039

Alcoa House 1957 1-040

Alcoa House 1957 1-041

Alcoa House 1957 1-042

Alcoa House 1957 1-043

Care-Free Home Architect, Charles M. Goodman

Alcoa House 1957 1-043a


Additional Information and Sources:

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